Personalised handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. But when they’re personalised with a company logo or special occasion message, they become much more meaningful – providing an instant connection between the recipient and the brand or message featured on their pocket square. Personalised handkerchiefs also make excellent gifts for corporate events such as Christmas parties or anniversary celebrations. Adding a customised touch to these occasions is sure to show your appreciation for colleagues and customers alike. By featuring logos and messages on custom-printed hankies, companies can create truly memorable gifts that guests can take home with them too!
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10 tissues | 4 folds | With label
10 tissues | 4 folds | With label
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Custom handkerchiefs 

When deciding to give away custom handkerchiefs as gifts, there are a few key considerations to take into account. First, it is important to pick the right size and shape of handkerchiefs. Depending on the intended use, select from a range of sizes such as square-shaped, rectangular-shaped or even pocket-sized ones. It is also important to choose a material that will last longer and be more comfortable for its users. Common materials used in making handkerchiefs are cotton, silk and polyester. Loopper’s customisation options can add a special touch to the customised handkerchiefs, which makes them unique and memorable. You may also want to think about adding special messages or quotes on the handkerchiefs so they become truly one-of-a-kind. Do you have any questions about our customised handkerchiefs? Do not hesitate to give us a call! 

Branded handkerchiefs 

Handkerchiefs have been a popular item for branding for many years, and the trend of getting them personalised has only grown in recent times. Companies and business owners alike are taking advantage of this cost-effective and stylish way to promote their business. With the latest advancements in printing technology, branded handkerchiefs with logos and designs have become more efficient than ever. Branded handkerchiefs are an excellent way to raise brand awareness while showing off your company’s style. They can be used as giveaway items at trade shows or events, or as gifts to customers or employees. You can also use them as promotional materials such as mailers, print ads, or digital campaigns. No mattr what you use them for, they will surely make an impression on your target audience. The rise of digital printing has made it easier for companies to get handkerchiefs branded with intricate details and vibrant colours that stand out from the crowd. High-quality fabrics are now also available with a wide range of textures and patterns that can complement any logo design.

Printed handkerchiefs 

Our production and printing processes at Loopper ensure superior quality and consistency in all of our products. We use only the finest materials available, which we combine with vibrant colours and your intricate designs to create stunning printed handkerchiefs that will truly stand out in any collection. Our experienced team of designers also ensures that all of our prints are accurate and richly detailed so that your message or logo looks exactly how you want it to. We provide excellent customer service throughout the ordering process too; from the initial consultation through to delivery and aftercare support – you can count on us for fast response times, complete transparency about costs, and timely shipping options so you get your order of printed handkerchiefs when you need it most. If you're looking for high-quality handkerchiefs with print for corporate gifts or promotional items, look no further than Loopper. We guarantee satisfaction with every product we make, so order your handkerchiefs printed today! 

Handkerchiefs with logo 

It's not because they're trying to be cool or trendy, but Millennials and Generation Z are overcoming the stigma associated with carrying a handkerchief in their pockets. They are acting in this way because it is realistic. Since handkerchiefs are one of the most practical items you can carry, Gen Z and Millennials are a practical group. Having a handkerchief on hand is something you'll never regret since the world is messy. They work great for removing food debris from your face after eating, wiping perspiration from your face during exercise, hiding coughs and sneezes, and cleaning off phones and camera lenses. They are prepared for whatever that life throws at you. Because our handkerchiefs with logo printing are lightweight and compact, they can easily be carried for any occasion and fit in any pocket, purse, or bag. Additionally, handkerchiefs with logo printing are softer and thicker than tissues, so you may blow your nose without being concerned that it will rip or hurt. They are a tool that opens the door to a more liberated, resourceful, and environmentally conscientious way of living. 

Wholesale handkerchiefs 

One of the first benefits is that wholesale handkerchiefs are seen as a timeless and classic item. From the traditional white cotton, to unique and edgy prints, these items have been around for generations and show no signs of going out of style. This means that when you order wholesale handkerchiefs and offer them in your store, they will remain popular over time and be embraced by customers who appreciate their versatility. Ordering handkerchiefs wholesale from Loopper also provides the benefit of being about to choose your own design or logo for your handkerchief merchandise. This makes it easier for you to make a statement and further engage your customers with your brand in an interesting way. What’s more, because these items are often made from natural fabrics like linen and cotton, this helps reduce environmental waste compared to synthetic materials often used elsewhere in fashion retailing.  

Promotional handkerchiefs 

Not only will these promotional handkerchiefs help keep everyone looking neat and put-together, but they can help promote brand awareness as well. The logo and name of the company can be printed on the handkerchief in bold, bright colours which serve to create an indelible impression in the minds of those who receive it. These customised promotional handkerchiefs also provide wonderful opportunities for networking and further improving relationships with existing customers or potential ones. Gifting out such items at corporate events or expos is one way to make sure that people remember you even after leaving the event premises. The final result of giving out handkerchief promotional gifts would greatly benefit any company – whether large or small – as recipients are highly likely to remember your company’s name and logo due to its uniqueness and practicality. As such, ordering handkerchiefs for promotional use is an effective marketing tool that helps spread awareness about your business while simultaneously strengthening relationships with existing customers or potential ones!