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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great importance to Loopper. We therefore comply with the privacy law. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it properly. This privacy policy explains what we do with the information that we gather about you on our web shop: www.loopper.com.

1) Processed personal data

When using our web shop, we could receive the following information from you;

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your billing address
  • your e-mail address
  • your sex
  • your IP address
  • your location
  • links with social media
  • information about your visit to our (mobile) websites and apps: URL, IP address, browser type, language, date and time of your visit
  • information about your interests as a user of our (mobile) websites and apps, products and services
  • financial data related to orders and payments
  • details required when registered such as your username and password

The law refers to this as personal data and says that we can only use it if we explain exactly why and for what reason. See below.

We do not give your personal data to other companies or organisations, except if necessary for the web shop to function or if the law says it should. An example is that we can file a report with the police in the event of a suspicion of fraud. 

2) Purpose of processing personal data

We can use your data for the following purposes:

  • for the execution of your agreements
  • to provide you the agreed services, products and information
  • to inform you of current or future products or services of Loopper
  • to enable participation in running discounts
  • to tailor information and offers to your interests as much as possible
  • to comply with laws and regulations
  • to grant you access to our website, whether or not based on your registration as a user
  • to improve the quality, safety and usability of our website
  • to contact you about the services you request
  • to conduct market research

In so far as these processing operations require your permission, Loopper will only process your data if you have given that permission.


3) Your account

At certain parts of our web store you can register. You must specify information about yourself. With this we create an account, on which you can log in with your e-mail address and a self-chosen password. We keep this information so that you do not have to re-enter it every time you visit our web shop and we can easily approach you if necessary.

We keep this information as long as your account exists. You can adjust your account information whenever you want.

4) Handling orders

When you place an order with us, we use your personal data in order to handle it properly. We may then give your personal details to our delivery service to have the order delivered to you. We also receive information about your payment from your bank or credit card company.

We keep this information as long as necessary to process the order, and then until the warranty has expired. We keep some of the information longer because that is required by law. For example, the tax authorities demand us to keep proof of your purchase and your invoice for seven years.

5) Contact form

With the contact form you can ask us questions or make requests. You must fill in certain information. We keep these six months after we are sure you are satisfied with our response. This way we can update the information on follow-up questions. Also, we can use the information to train our customer service department.

6) Newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter. Here you can read our latest news, tips and information about our products and services. This subscription can be cancelled at any time. Each newsletter contains an unsubscribe link. Your e-mail address will only be added to the list of subscribers with your permission.

7) Provision to other companies or institutions

We only give your personal data to other companies or institutions if this is necessary for our web shop or if we are legally obliged (for example if the police demands this when a crime is suspected). We work together with certain companies. These partners can therefore receive your personal data. They ensure that ads contain as many interesting or attractive offers as possible. This is necessary to deliver what you have purchased. They can then send you advertisements yourself. Some partners are located outside the European Union. We always ask you for permission before they receive your data.

8) Editors

As far as Loopper makes use of the services of third parties for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy and Cookie Policy and these third parties have access to personal data when performing the relevant services, Loopper has taken the necessary contractual and organisational measures to ensure that your data is only used for the purposes described here.

9) Cookies

Loopper uses cookies to collect data. A cookie is a small file placed on pages of our web shop and will be sent and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or mobile phone. The information stored by your computer can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. 

When visiting our shop you will be asked permission for the use of cookies. If you give that permission (by clicking on 'Agree' or by continuing with your visit on the web shop, the cookies described below under A. to F. can be placed. If you do not give permission, only functional cookies can be placed. In that case it’s possible you can not use all parts of the web shop. You can always indicate in the settings of your browser if you do not want to accept cookies. Contact the manufacturer of your browser if you want more information on how to do this. If you disable cookies, it is possible that certain functions do not work or that certain services are not available to you.

Through this website the following types of cookies can be placed: 

  1. Use of permanent cookies 
    With the help of a permanent cookie we can recognise you at a new visit on our website. The website can therefore be specially tailored to your preferences. Even when you have given permission for the placing of cookies, we can remember this by means of a cookie. This includes that you do not always have to repeat your preferences, this way you save time and it raises uses experience. Permanent cookies can be removed via the settings of your browser.
  2. Use of session cookies 
    Using a session cookie we can see which parts of the website you have viewed with this visit. We can adjust our service as much as possible to the surfing behaviour of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.
  3. Tracking cookies of ourselves 
    With your permission we place a cookie on your equipment, which can be requested as soon as you visit a website from our network. This allows us to know that you have been on one of our other website(s). The resulting profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address, etc., but only serves to match advertisements to your profile, so that they are as relevant as possible for you.
    1. Tracking cookies from our advertisers 
      With your permission our advertisers place tracking cookies on your equipment. They use these cookies to keep track of which pages you visit from their network, in order to build up a profile of your online surfing behaviour. This profile is also built on the basis of comparable information that they receive from your visit to other websites from their network. This profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address as they are known to us, but only serves to match advertisements to your profile so that they are as relevant as possible to you .
    2. Google Analytics 
      Through our website a cookie is placed from the American company Google, as part of the Analytics service. We use this service to track and get reports on how visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We have not allowed Google to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services. 

      The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is emphatically not given. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google states to adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.
    3. Social media 
      On our website buttons are included to promote web pages (liking) or share (tweet) on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from Facebook or Twitter itself. Cookies are placed through this code. We have no influence on that. Read the privacy statement of Facebook or Twitter (which can change regularly) to read what they do with your (personal) data that they process via these cookies. 

      The information they collect is anonymized as much as possible. The information is transferred to and stored by Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn on servers in the United States. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google + adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and are affiliated with the Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

10) Security

Security of personal data is of great importance to us. To protect your privacy, we take the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected with a username / e-mail address and password
  • We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) that protects all information between you and our website when you enter personal data.

In addition, we have of course taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any other form of unlawful processing. We do not store your data longer than legally permitted, legally required and / or necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed. How long certain data is stored depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. The storage period can so be different per purpose.

11) Access and change or delete your data

If you have or want to know what personal data we have from you, you can always contact us. See the contact details below.

You have the following rights:

  • To get an explanation about personal data and what we do with it;
  • To inspect the exact personal data we have attained;
  • To correct any form of error that has been made in terms of your personal data;
  • To let all your personal data be removed;
  • To withdraw your permission;
  • To object against a certain use of your personal data.

Note that you always specify clearly who you are, so that we are sure that we can modify or delete data from the correct person. To prevent misuse, we can ask you to adequately identify yourselve. When it comes to access to personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find these in the settings of your browser.

12) Changes to this privacy statement

When our web shop changes, we must of course also change the privacy statement. Always pay attention to the date above and check regularly for new versions. We will do our best to announce changes separately.

13) To file a complaint

If you feel that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor. This is called the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

14) Contact details

  • Loopper
  • Pieter Braaijweg 101
  • 1114 AJ Amsterdam
  • promo@loopper.com
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