Personalised phone wrist straps

Elevate your mobile experience with custom phone wrist straps from Loopper. Starting at just 1,29€, our bespoke straps offer both security for your device and a splash of personal flair. Perfect for enhancing brand visibility or as unique gifts, these straps fit various phone models and are fully customisable to match your specific desires. Loopper's commitment to quality and style means you get a premium accessory that reflects your individuality or brand identity. Explore our collection today to find the perfect blend of functionality and personalised design. Make your mark with Loopper's custom phone wrist straps and add a touch of elegance to your mobile usage.

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Phone wrist strap | Recycled polyester | Insert card
Phone wrist strap | Recycled polyester | Insert card
from 50 pieces
Thursday 13 June 2024
1,32 per piece
All-in for 250 pieces
Ordered today, delivered in 15 workdays
Phone wrist strap | Polyester | Safety buckle 2.5 cm.
Phone wrist strap | Polyester | Safety buckle 2.5 cm.
from 25 pieces
Monday 10 June 2024
1,29 per piece
All-in for 250 pieces
Ordered today, delivered in 12 workdays

Custom phone wrist straps

Elevate mobile accessory offerings with custom phone wrist straps tailored to match specific aesthetics and functional needs. Crafted from a selection of premium materials and available in a spectrum of vibrant colours and textures, these straps not only secure phones but also serve as a stylish statement piece. Perfect for tech enthusiasts who cherish both security and style.

Branded phone wrist straps

Enhance your brand's reach with branded phone wrist straps, designed to integrate seamlessly with your corporate identity. Embellished with your company's colours and logo, these straps become a subtle yet effective promotional tool that extends brand visibility with every use. Ideal for tech companies or corporate events looking to offer a practical and stylish giveaway.

Phone wrist straps with logo

Position your brand in the daily lives of your customers with phone wrist straps adorned with your logo. These accessories not only provide a practical function by securing smartphones but also constantly remind users of your brand, thanks to their prominent logo placement. Excellent for increasing brand loyalty and visibility in a mobile-centric world.

Printed phone wrist straps

Transform phone security into a canvas for creativity with printed phone wrist straps. Featuring everything from intricate patterns to bold brand messages, these straps are printed using cutting-edge techniques to ensure the designs are sharp and durable. They’re ideal for brands looking to make a visual impact in the tech accessory market.

Promotional phone wrist straps

Utilise promotional phone wrist straps to captivate and engage your target audience effectively. Customised with your branding, these straps serve as practical tools for mobile users and act as a mobile billboard for your message. A must-have for trade shows, tech expos, or as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Wholesale phone wrist straps

Stock up on phone wrist straps through wholesale options to cater to a broad audience while managing costs effectively. These straps are a fantastic addition to tech stores, online marketplaces, or promotional product distributors, providing a high-demand accessory that combines functionality with the opportunity for custom branding. Buying in bulk ensures you meet consumer demand while maintaining attractive pricing.