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We are Loopper | This is our story

About us

Founded in 2018, Loopper is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, close to the centre. 🇳🇱
The company benefits from 20 years of experience from the sister company, USB stick producer. Boasting a hardworking and diverse team of 35 young employees from 9 different nationalities, all brimming with ideas, Loopper has leveraged this extensive expertise to satisfy over 10,000 companies in 10 European countries since its creation.🌍

The name "Loopper" mirrors our dedication to providing flexible, tailored solutions for projects of all sizes, resonating with both local and international audiences. 

Taking a closer look at what we offer, Loopper offers over 6,000 promotional products, ranging from water bottles and notebooks to clothing and candy. These products underscore the pivotal role of tangible branding in today's era where meaningful customer interactions stand paramount. Not only do they serve as enduring reminders of your brand, but they also transform budding interests into lasting customer relationships. In line with our ethos, our selection includes sustainable products derived from materials like milk carton, rPET, and ocean plastic.

Explore Loopper's collection and elevate your brand's image with quality and a forward-thinking approach.Together we can create the perfect form of brand recognition! 🚀

At Loopper, we understand that every audience has unique needs. With over 6000 customisable promotional gifts, we cater to diverse clientele:

  • Public Institutions: Discover tailored solutions to convey messages effectively and professionally.
  • Companies: Find a wide range of products to enhance your brand and build lasting connections with customers.
  • Educational Institutions: Provide personalised items to boost pride and belonging among students and staff.
  • Small Entrepreneurs: Use Loopper to augment your brand presence and build a loyal customer base.
  • Event Planners: Find solutions for events of all sizes, creating memorable experiences with bespoke gifts.
  • Individuals and Families: Make every celebration memorable with our customisable gifts, adding a personal touch.

Loopper is your one-stop shop for the perfect gift, committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Loopper works closely with a hundred suppliers across Poland, the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands, ensuring that all products are printed in Europe. This extensive network of suppliers offers a significant advantage, allowing for greater flexibility, diversity in product offerings, and more competitive pricing. Largely thanks to our purchase team, we have developed a strong and reliable relationship with our suppliers, ensuring consistency and quality in all our products.

What do our clients say?
Mockup Free digital design Within 1 hour!
We pride ourselves in a fast but qualitive service without exception. Within 1 hour of your offer request or order, we will provide you with a free digital mock-up without any strings attached. This way we make sure to have a good start to making that deadline!
Custom made Custom
Create your own product!
We go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. We offer over 6000 products that you can make your own. Looking for that special product? We have our own creative department that custom designs your idea. You name it, we produce it!
Experience 22 years of experience Give us a challenge!
With 22 years of experience we have learned that human contact and knowledge about our products is key to what we do. We distinguish ourselves by always making sure that there is someone allocated to your project that will think along with you to get the best results.