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Personalised reflective jackets 

Personalised reflective jackets provide extra visibility during night-time activities like walking and cycling, helping to prevent unnecessary accidents. They are designed with high-visibility material allowing them to be seen from a greater distance in any light condition. Reflective jackets are also waterproof and breathable so that the wearer stays comfortable and dry throughout the day. Personalised reflective jackets add an extra touch of thoughtfulness and demonstrates how much you value your relationships with other companies or staff/colleagues. Knowing that you care about their safety is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives it as a gift!

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Safety vest | Polyester | For kids
Safety vest | Polyester | For kids
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Custom reflective jackets 

Gifting custom reflective jackets is a great way to show appreciation for business relations, staff/colleagues, and companies. However, there are important considerations that must be taken into account before making a purchase. First, it’s important to determine the purpose of the gift. Is it meant to be a thank you gesture? A memento of recognition? An incentive for performance? This will help narrow down what type of jacket to choose. For instance, if the purpose is to reward employees who have gone above and beyond expectations, a fashionable yet functional option might be best. On the other hand, if the goal is simply to say thank you, selecting something more basic may be sufficient. Finally, consider what size range would work best for recipients. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes so buying ones that fit correctly is paramount for ensuring an optimal experience – both comfort-wise and visually speaking. Taking accurate measurements beforehand can help prevent any unpleasant surprises when the jackets arrive! Custom reflective jackets are an excellent way to express gratitude or recognise achievement while promoting safety and visibility at night or in low-light conditions. With these points in mind, you will be able to make smart purchases that their receivers will appreciate! Do you have questions? Give us a call! 

Branded reflective jackets 

The latest trend in branded reflective jackets is illuminated fabric which creates an eye-catching glow when seen in the dark. Illuminated fabric comes in various colours and is perfect for use at night or in low light situations. It helps improve visibility and safety on roads or work sites where it would otherwise be difficult to see employees from afar. This type of fabric also looks great during the day as it has a highly reflective quality that will make sure your logo stands out from the crowd even when there is plenty of light around. Overall, branded reflective jackets provide an excellent opportunity for companies to increase their visibility, promote their brand, and keep their employees safe at the same time. The latest trends of illuminated fabrics are just one more way that businesses can ensure they stay ahead of the competition while also providing peace of mind knowing their staff will be well protected while on duty.

Printed reflective jackets 

Our printed reflective jackets are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and style while also providing safety. We understand how important it is for businesses to make a lasting impression with their clients, so we strive to offer exceptional customisation services that allow you to tailor your printed reflective jackets according to your exact design needs. Our experienced design team can help you print stylish logos and patches for your jackets or add unique prints or patterns to them. At Loopper we believe that safety should never be compromised on, which is why our reflective jackets with print are made using highly durable and waterproof fabrics. With this level of quality assurance, you can rest assured that your employees will stay safe under any weather condition while looking absolutely stylish in their reflective jackets printed with your logo! So if you’re looking to order printed reflective jackets in bulk that will elevate your corporate image, then look no further than Loopper! 

Reflective jackets with logo 

Reflective jackets with logo printing on them are a fantastic way to make sure your brand is seen and recognised in the dark or in low-light conditions. Not only do they keep wearers safe and visible, but they also help companies get their message out into the world. Reflective jackets with logo printing offer a unique advertising opportunity for businesses to showcase their logo without spending a fortune on costly marketing campaigns. Reflective jackets with company logo printing are perfect for companies whose target audience is active outdoors, such as sports teams, schools, cycling clubs, runners' groups, and more. With the reflective panelling providing added visibility to those who are moving quickly in the night or at dusk, these promotional items can be instrumental in increasing safety in these settings. Additionally, reflective jackets can be worn by employees of any business when travelling after dark or when working outside during night hours; this consistent branding will not only make your staff look uniformed and professional but also makes it easier for customers or clients to recognise them as representatives of your organisation.  

Wholesale reflective jackets 

Our wholesale reflective jackets can also be used as giveaways at conferences and events related to the organisation's sector; this will raise awareness of the company's presence at such events and opens up the possibility of potential customers discovering that brand with ease. Companies should also consider handing out these wholesale reflective jackets as gifts or rewards for loyal customers. This is an effective way to show appreciation while simultaneously marketing your brand through higher visibility when people are wearing them around town. It’s an affordable way to ensure greater visibility for individuals travelling in low light conditions as well as greater recognition for businesses from potential customers—all while providing extra layers of protection from elements that could potentially harm those working outdoors or attending events in hazardous environments. This can be especially beneficial during extreme temperature changes such as winter cold spells. So what are you waiting for? Order your reflective jackets wholesale from Loopper today! 

Promotional reflective jackets 

The end result of gifting promotional reflective jackets will be one of great appreciation from the recipient. They'll know that you've taken time out to think about their safety and well-being - something that will not go unnoticed. Furthermore, they'll be able to use the jacket regularly during low light situations where greater visibility is needed, like on their bike rides home from the office. What's more, promotional reflective jackets can act as a subtle advertisement for your company brand too! As the person is wearing it in public places, there's a good chance that someone else might notice it and become curious about the logo on display. They could then find out more about what your company does - providing valuable exposure at no extra cost. In addition to all these benefits, ordering reflective jackets for promotional use is an affordable way of showing appreciation towards those you care about most. So why not show them how much you value their relationship by gifting them one today?

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